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Adoption Hall of Fame & Happiness!

Miss Mandy Caicos

This small black bundle was found sitting on the side of the road by itself.  Susan Y. A frequent visitor to Grand Turk offered to foster the puppy while we searched for a good home. Mindy who was visiting Grand Turk fell in love and adopted Ms. Mandy Caicos as she is now called.  We had to get Mandy sorted out and ready to fly to the US and couldn't get that done before Mindy was returning home.  Susan Y. offered to travel with the puppy and deliver it to Mindy!!  It was a long and eventful trip with Ms. Mandy Caicos.  While enduring cancelled and delayed flights during which she slept, threw up, slept, peed, pooped etc. she finally made to find Mindy and Andy waiting at the bottom of the steps to baggage claim after being at the airport for 5 hours.  They left for their 6 hour drive back to Ohio.  It's people like Susan and Mandy that help us achieve our goal.  Thank you to both and please keep Ms. Mandy Caicos warm!!

Slim aka Bones

Slim was a cruise port stray that we were able to capture and send over to Provo to get needed medical care.  He was at least 20 pounds under weight but did not have mange or any serious medical conditions.  A family from Virginia Beach adopted Slim.  His new family are very active people with two dogs already.  They like to go on runs, walks, and adventures anywhere with the dogs. We think that Slim got really lucky and will be very happy in his new home.  They are also going to rename him, maybe he will be called Chubby!! 

your donations

The Turks and Caicos Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a charity, which by all lawful means strives to prevent cruelty, promote kindness, and to alleviate the suffering of all animals.  The Society intends to achieve its mission by operating a strong, effective national organization dedicated to providing low cost spay/neuter surgery, basic veterinary care and educating residents on how to become responsible pet owners.Your donations are put towards all needed expenses for the clinics as well as other assistance provided to pets and their owners through out the year.

Every donation made saves countless lives and prevents the birth of unwanted animals.   Our pets are healthier and have a resource to turn to when needed.

Donations assist us in our goals to eliminate the suffering of animals and over population.

This sweet dog that had been going to the cruise port looking for food and attention. Phyllis one of our volunteers brought her into town one day, hoping we could find her a home.  One of the guest at Bohio Resort is now going to adopt her.

Our Volunteers work very hard to do their part in making the clinics a success.  

They make all the arrangements for the clinics including hotels, food and transportation during the clinics.

  • They assist during the clinics registering pets and owners.

  • Pick pets up and returning them for those that are unable.  

  • Provide the vets with any additional supplies needed

They also provide assistance for pet owners when their pets are sick or need other assistance throughout the year.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact us!!

Our goal is to ensure that every animal in the Turks & Caicos Islands is cared for and free from abuse.


The Grand Turk SPCA would like to thank all the local hotels and restaurants for their assistance in housing and providing meals to the vets during the clinics!!


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